Our Programs

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Our infant teachers are early childhood educators who cater to each child’s individual needs. They have a clear understanding of the developmental process and what milestones are essential for infants growth and development. Teachers create healthy bonds with children and are attentive, supportive, and caring towards each child in their care.




1-2 Years


Our toddler teachers are early childhood educators who build on toddlers telegraphic speech by adding words in a grammatically correct form, while also recognizing and supporting children’s social/ emotional development. Teachers anticipate issues with self-regulation and offer children alternative ways to cope with challenging concepts (biting, sharing, tantrums). Teachers offer choices, initiate conversations, use positive guidance, and arrange the space for rapid toddler development.



Mobile Infants

Our mobile infant teachers are early childhood educators who provide students with many opportunities for identity over the developmental domains. There is special focus on how the child uses materials, moves independently, establishes autonomy, and interacts with people and the things in their environment. These are developmentally appropriate expectations that are emphasized, supported, and practiced in the classroom daily.


3-5 Years


Our preschool teachers are early childhood educators who provide children with materials and activities that promote creativity, innovation, engagement, and high- level thinking.  The environment is set up in centers that give students the opportunity to make their own choices, be independent, and extend their learning. Teachers observe children, document their interest, and plan lessons according to their findings. This allows teachers be intentional in their lesson planning, while still meeting the needs and developmental goals for each student as they prepare for Kindergarten.