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About Us

A Creative Curriculum that supports Exploration, Creativity, and Individuality

About Lakeview Childcare & Preschool

Lakeview Childcare and Preschool is uniquely positioned and conveniently located in the center of the 465 loop and Rockville Road serving families in Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Speedway, Danville, Indianapolis, as well as downtown Indianapolis. The Lakeview Childcare and Preschool is a PTQ 3 facility with  On My Way Pre K program and is focused on serving a diverse student and teacher community.  We seek to offer both a traditional and child- centered education with a curriculum that is full of rigor and creative exploration. We are committed to excellence as we pursue Paths to Quality Level 4 and seek to exhibit a Montessori- inspired learning environment.

Our vision is to provide a holistic approach that nurtures and fosters growth in individuals of all backgrounds by offering instruction that develops learning, exploration and creativity in a Christ-centered environment.  

Our mission is preparing tomorrow’s leaders by developing today’s youth.

Our Goal:


  • Provide a safe place for your child to learn

  • Create an environment where Christs love can be realized.

  • Support and nurture children in their growth.

  • Create in children the ability to experience and practice leadership.

  • Provide learning opportunities that initiate and encourage exploration and creativity.


Our prayer is to do this successfully while making a lasting change in the lives of our children and families, and within our community.

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